Cebu City, Philippines
Forgetful Bob is Dominic Dosdos, Ethan Ronoel Salazar, Jess Tamboboy, Deniel Molina, and Michael Tubato

This was one hell of a week
We met on a Monday
Not much happened that day

We started talking on Tuesday
I started to know more about you
I started to like some things about you

I look forward to Wednesday
I started to feel something strange about you

I was excited to see you the next day
I was so sure on Thursday, that I wanted to make you happy
I thought to myself that you deserved the world
But I could not give you the world

So I decided to give you the next best thing
My heart
Friday was a bad day
I started to realize you didn’t feel the same way
You started seeing someone else
The feelings started to fade on Saturday

I forced myself to accept the truth
And by Sunday I was already over you

I decided to move forward without you
And in the end it was you who helped me get over you

Dominic John Dosdos – Guitars & Vocals
Jess Joaustine Tamboboy – Guitars
Deniel Molina – Bass
Ethan Ronoel Salazar – Drums
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Elmer Jonathan “EJ” Salazar at Mars Band Studio
Writer(s): Anonymous Friend