Cebu City, Philippines
Forgetful Bob is Dominic Dosdos, Ethan Ronoel Salazar, Jess Tamboboy, Deniel Molina, and Michael Tubato

I thought you were arriving so much later
I should’ve picked you up from the airport but I guess that I forgot again
I’m hopeless, I’m sorry for this lack of memory
I’m hoping you’d find it in you to forgive me

I thought our anniversary was in August
I thought your birthday wasn’t until next week
But I guess that it’s today but I forgot to get you that book you wanted
Man I really messed up

All the things I forget I keep track of
All the things I remember I just forget
All the things I forget I keep track of
But now I can’t seem to find you
Find you

Dominic John Dosdos – Guitars & Vocals
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Elmer Jonathan “EJ” Salazar at Mars Band Studio
Writer(s): Dominic John Dosdos